What is DBT?
Dialectical Behavior Therapy is an empirically researched, evidence-based treatment modality developed by Marsha Linehan, Ph.D. at the University of Washington. DBT focuses on helping those who have difficulty managing intense emotions, act impulsively, and attempt to solve problems or relieve emotional pain with ineffective means of coping which often times are self-destructive or damaging to relationships. Although Marsha Linehan originally developed DBT to treat persons with Borderline Personality Disorder, DBT has become a widespread treatment approach to help anyone who struggles with emotion regulation.


DBT teaches you how to:
  • decrease problem behaviors that interfere with quality of life
  • accept reality and our situation as it is, even if we do not like it
  • tolerate and change painful, emotional ways of being that no longer work
  • build and maintain healthy relationships
  • increase effective communication
  • increase self awareness and of the present moment
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